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For The Love of The Game


As queer people in women’s sports, Claire and Xavier have experienced intersectional criticism and isolation on the basis of their sexuality and gender identity. With Claire playing the team sport of lacrosse, and Zoe playing the individual sport of tennis, the two reflect on their experiences being queer in sports, coming out, and ultimately raise questions about the current state of the LGBTQ+ community in athletics.

2022 Fine Cut Festival of Films FINALIST

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a crowd-sourced, process-based documentary exploring modern communication, connection, love, and friendship as technology continues to shift the ways we reach out to each other.

losing it


a video remix project that looks critically at diet culture, especially in the media, and its contributions to developing body confidence issues, body dysmorphia, and eating disorders in women and girls.

Exploring Gender


 a short documentary that dives into how these students have defined gender for themselves while navigating their movement into adult society, and how it could be similar or different for each person. 

The Door


a short narrative film that follows three strangers who each receive a text message prompting them to reply if they wish to enter a mysterious game. “The Game” promises its players fame and praise, but as the pressure builds, the players are forced to make a difficult decision.


Annie is a documentary filmmaker from New York and a recent grad as a Media Arts & Culture major and Urban & Environmental Policy minor from Occidental College. She has a great interest in documentary work and editing, and strives to make thought-provoking, impactful pieces. 

She was a post-production intern with Jane Doe Films in the spring of 2022, assisting in delivering the docuseries Not So Pretty to screen on HBO Max. 


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